An Interview with Beauty Pageant Expert: Felix Manuel

by Luis Pedron


Filipinos are celebrating! Miss Universe will be held in the Philippines this year. The live telecast will be via Fox Network here in the US this Sunday night at January 29, 2017. I thought of asking my Beauty Pageant Expert Friend, Felix Manuel on his thoughts and predictions about the 65th Miss Universe.

Luis Pedron: Super excited about Miss Universe happening in the Philippines. BTW, what are your criteria to be a Miss Universe winner?

Felix Manuel: It’s not easy given the numerous beautiful ladies each year. I usually pick the ones with the most beautiful faces. It’s a beauty pageant! After watching how they perform at the prelims, that’s when I have my most likely winners.

Luis Pedron: Do you already have your Top 5 Choices and why?

Felix Manuel: This is not in particular order…top 5…

  1. Ukraine – has the prettiest face
  2. Turkey – another stunner
  3. Indonesia – love the way she carries herself, so tall and regal.
  4. Venezuela – has the best body and definitely a crowd favorite
  5. Philippines – I’m hoping she can pull a back to back and a hometown victory.

Luis Pedron: Does our Miss Philippines Maxine Medina have a chance to win Miss Universe? I’m also praying for a back to back win for Philippines. What do you think?

Felix Manuel: Maxine is under a lot of pressure…back to back and hometown victory is very difficult, but it is possible. It will all depend on her performance.

Luis Pedron: What is your advice to Miss Philippines in how to win Miss Universe?

Felix Manuel: I advise her to enjoy while competing. Don’t get pressured and slay the competition.

Luis Pedron: Do you agree with critics that Miss Philippines should use an interpreter and should answer in Tagalog?

Felix Manuel: If she feels more comfortable using an interpreter, go ahead. I have no problem with her English skills though. People are just so critical.

Luis Pedron: Hometown advantage for our Miss Philippines, what do you think?

Felix Manuel: No such thing as a hometown advantage if there are no Filipino judges.

Luis Pedron: I noticed the countries Colombia, Venezuela, Philippines including USA always get in the Top 10 in Miss U. What are your thoughts?

Felix Manuel: These nations take pageants seriously. It’s not a surprise if they enter the semi finals most of the time.

Luis Pedron: My observation: if the Miss U event is done in a particular continent, the winner sometimes is from that continent. Since the event will be held in the Philippines which is in Asia, if it will be an Asian winner, can you give me your your Top 3 probable Asian winners?

Felix Manuel:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Philippines
  3. Thailand

Luis Pedron: Yes, I definitely agree with you about those 3 countries. We have the same choices. On another note, do you have any suggestion for Steve Harvey not to commit the same mistake as last year?

Felix Manuel: Read the card properly!

Luis Pedron: Amen to that Felix! I’m actually so excited as well for the whole world to see the beauty of the Philippines through the Miss Universe Pageant event. Do you expect any surprises and drama again like last year? Do you have a prediction who is leading right now?

Felix Manuel: There might be a surprise winner just like in 1994. It’s really hard to predict the winner this year, almost all favorites are in the running, no clear frontrunner just like in previous years…

Luis Pedron: Thank you, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the 65th Miss Universe (which will be held in our beautiful country the Philippines). God bless all contestants! God bless Miss Philippines! Read Felix Manuel’s blog:

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Felix Manuel’s Top 5 Picks for the 65th Miss Universe


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