Meet Brian Carpenter and John Richardson the dynamic duo behind the film “Aponi” 

by Luis Pedron


Here is my interview with the accomplished artists and learn more about their collaboration.

Luis Pedron: You just recently worked on the film “Aponi”, how did you get about collaborating on this project?

Brian Carpenter: “Aponi” is a labor of love for me and was somewhat based on my own life experience. John and I spoke of making this a beautiful Love story and filming it!  We co-wrote the screenplay together for a year over skype, and knew it was something special.

John Richardson: Friendship goes a long way, we decided that now more than ever Woman need to be heard, so we worked hard on the script “Aponi” for about year.

Luis Pedron: What does “Aponi” mean and what is the film all about?

John Richardson: “Aponi” is a Native American baby’s name for a boy or a girl. The unique name has rarely been used as a title when we learned that we decided to run with it. It also raised the question of its origin.

Brian Carpenter: “Aponi” means butterfly in Native American, a baby’s name for both a boy or girl. The film is about acceptance and unconditional love. The meeting of two souls that can only see the beauty of each other, not the outward differences society sees! A must-see film that changes peoples hearts and minds.

Luis Pedron: What are the things you learned from working on this film?

Brian Carpenter: I learned that we can overcome all adversity with love, hard work, understanding and never giving up on your dreams!!!

John Richardson: Both Brian and I always agree that we have to keep our actors and staff comfortable. They always come first in production. Wrangling actors and staff requires lots of patience and discipline.

Luis Pedron: How can they watch this film of yours?

John Richardson: Watch “Aponi” here:

Brian Carpenter:  As well as Amazon.

Luis Pedron: What is next for you guys as an artist?

Brian Carpenter: As an actor and writer, I continue to move forward to create and make a difference in this world. John and I are writing more of Aponi and other projects as well that can send a message! Our company CarpRich Films is striving to reach for the stars in filmmaking.

John Carpenter: We are reading scripts and also developing an untitled episodic for online. It will be a Dark Comedy thats pertinent to whats happening in todays society for equality and rights.

Luis Pedron: If you were to work on an ideal film project, what would it be?

Brian Carpenter: I would love to be in a major film such as “12 Years a Slave” or one similar the can make an impact on our hearts. To stretch myself as an actor, an artist and a person!

John Richardson: Ideally both Brian and I always loved going to the movies downtown NYC to catch Chop Soky action films. I’m a big John Woo fan. So a film filled with action would make the filmmaking process more enjoyable.

Luis Pedron: Can you share with us any words of wisdom for artists out there who want to become an actor or director?

Brian Carpenter: Young people learn your craft of acting, writing, and directing. Follow your dreams and be prepared for the opportunity when it arises. Do not let the naysayers and negative stuff get you down. Move forward, film your own projects, be creative and most of all do it with love in your hearts.

John Richardson: Discipline yourself and finish what you start i.e. scripts , short films, feature films and surround yourself with passionate people.

Luis Pedron: Thank you for those helpful words of wisdom. Finally, I’m sure a lot of people would like to learn more about you guys what are your websites.

Brian Carpenter: My website is IMDB Brian S Carpenter also

John Richardson: and

There you go — another film that evolved from a collaboration. I definitely would like to recommend everyone to check out this film “Aponi” directed by John Richardson and starring Brian Carpenter. It’s a must-see film!


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