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Ana Yael Prelog


Ana Yael Prelog is the co-founder and Director of Plasma Saal Ltd. Croatia, a company that uses holistic approach to find root cause of the illness. Safe advance technology like Bio resonance frequency scanning enables her to get detailed info about patient’s organs, functions and present state of pathogens in the body.

Ana went through some health challenges herself several years ago. She embarked on a mission to help others with the use of the frequency healing. Her corporate background provided her advantages in organizing the business at Plasma Saal Ltd. Croatia.

A student of Kabbalah for 11 years, she also studied Reiki, Theta healing, brain balancing technology, intuitive healing, etc. She helps people to fight off most serious illnesses. She is a certified specialist for frequency body scans. Ana also completed a number of courses in Chinese medicine which specializes in tongue and nails analysis. Believing in the concept of lifelong learning, she believes that the Earth’s frequencies are enabling the same knowledge to become more accessible to everyone. Her motto is “The teacher will always appear when the student is ready”. Therefore, she believes that we always need to be open to new things. A receptivity to  knowledge and technologies that are coming into our lives.

What is Frequency Healing?
Frequency Healing includes two ways to achieve the most needed result. The first part includes frequencies to scan the body which helps detect anomalies in functions of various organs and other body parts. The second part consists of targeted healing with the help of frequencies received through the device called Plasma Generator. Frequency body scan will determine the current state of the organs as well as possible presence of pathogenic microorganisms etc.

In less than 20 minutes, we can determine how the person’s organs are functioning. Whether they operate on optimal energy levels or determine the real causes if they don’t. We can find out if there is an overgrowth of bacteria, viruses or parasites and much more. With frequency healing therapy we can successfully destroy viruses, bacteria or parasites. We can raise the frequency of an organ to its optimal vibrational rate.

How does frequency healing
therapy work?

All living matter is composed of molecules of different minerals. The molecules are composed of atoms which are composed of nucleus, protons and electrons. We can say that electrons produce electricity. Therefore, all matter are composed of electricity.

Bacterial colony, salmonella or dengue, for example, vibrates at a very specific frequency. In other words, this colony has its own electromagnetic signature by which it can be identified. Harmonic frequency, the physical principle of the laws of electromagnetism, enables us to destroy the colonies of microorganisms by turning their own frequency to much greater intensity. Therefore, viruses, bacteria and parasites are destroyed when we target them with a high dose of their own harmonic frequency produced by the Plasma Generator. The best thing is that those frequencies target only those “unwanted” areas, leaving all other organs and surrounding area safe and intact.

Should you want to find out detailed info about the health of your body, book a session with Ana Yael, which includes:

• Bio resonance frequency scanning
• Fingernail & Tongue Diagnosis
• Spiritual Consultations
• Nutritional Consultations
• Herbs & Essential oils use & applications
• Meta therapy frequency healing


• Healing Session of your choice:
• Intuitive Healing
• Balancing your subconscious mind
• Reiki Treatment
• SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)




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