Okaaay, I can’t believe I’ve held out on you this long. I mean, shouldn’t all NYC bloggers provide their list of BEST places to eat? Yes, they should! New York is all about the food and it’s just a shame not to share our favorite places!

New York City has the highest population of Italian-Americans in the United States. It shouldn’t shock anyone that the city’s Italian food is the best you can get. Today, I will share with you the delightful Italian restaurant that became one of my favorite here in New York City, Il Postino, located in the hidden gem of Midtown Manhattan East.

In 1997, Luigi Russo, from the romantic coast south of Rome, has built Il Postino as one of the most elegant dining experiences in NYC. And in New Year’s Eve 2017, Il Postino will be celebrating their 20th  year anniversary.

The restaurant was named after the famous and charming Italian movie, “The Postman” from 1994. The film, directed by Michael Radford, was originally released in the US entitled “The Postman”, a translation of the Italian title. It tells a story about the real life Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who forms an interesting friendship with a simple postman who learns to love poetry.

Il Postino Ristorante’s menu has its own poetry. The specials include seasonal gems like an incredible Dover sole almondine, homemade Agnolotti in a truffle cream sauce, the classic Frittura di mare, Grilled Polipo Medierraneo, Baked Clams Origanata, Gondolette Raviolo, Grilled South African Shrimp, Lamp chop Milanese and the list just keeps going. And let’s not forget the pasta which is authentically done with lots of amore. I can’t tell you how mouth-watering this all sounds, but rest assured you will get what you pay for, with a touch of great service.

One of my favorite part about Il Postino are the waiters. They are very attentive and friendly without being overbearing. They know their Specials by heart without needing to glance at the menu. Along with their suggestions and delectable dishes, Il Postino is also known for preparing “whatever you like”.

From the vast array of wines in stock, the popular Limoncello is very well known as the “Icing on the cake”. It is served as an occasional complimentary drink after dinner. An Il Postino way of saying, “Thank you”. Now, isn’t that something to be happy about? The Italian lemon liquor is originally produced in the Amalfi coast region. So for those of you who haven’t had Limoncello, you are definitely missing out on it!

One of the captivating things about Il Postino are the clientele that walks in. UN Diplomats, Politicians, Realtors, Wall Street Men, Owners of big corporations, Doctors and Celebrities have been loyal to Luigi’s Il Postino over the last 20 years.

Overall, an authentic Italian at its best! Il Postino is rated 4.5 for food and 4.4 for service at ZAGAT review.

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ll Postino’s main dining area has two levels — a private dining room for business meetings, intimate dinner parties or simply lively celebrations. So what are you waiting for? Start filling your calendar with your next celebrations for the New Year 2017!


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