Lana Asanin was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany of Serbian descent. At 8 months old, she was already featured in a window of a local photographer’s shop.

Lana was crazy about sports at a very young age . She entered into trampoline gymnastics and track and was one of the fastest girls in school. Lana got into jazz dancing and eventually joined a dance group. They competed in dance contests and won a few times.

Unfortunately, with all of Lana’s involvement in sports and dance, her grades began to suffer. Her mom stepped in and insisted to concentrate more on her education. When she was 16, her mom sent in an application to a beauty pageant without her knowledge. Her mother then taught her how to walk in heels “like a fine lady should”. Lana entered and to her surprise ended up as Miss Frankfurt first runner-up. Thereafter, she became Miss Montenegro.


Lana’s Modeling, TV and Movie Career
Her dream was now to become a model. She felt that was not possible because of her height (5’6″) and had to accept that she would need to find a new career. One day, while in a coffee shop, she was discovered by a local photographer. Scared and very shy, they did a photo shoot on her and was sent to an agency. The first thing the agency rep said was, “We wish you had a few more inches so we could make you a supermodel!” Lana was preparing for what she thought would be a rejection. They told her they would give her a chance. They felt her natural beauty and appeal would overcome any shortcomings with her height. Once she started working for them, she was in constant demand. Lana was thrilled and so was the agency. She ended up working with them for 10 years.

Lana also began to focus on academics and started studying politics and history. With her fascination on languages, she was later ranked first in her school. She was able to speak Spanish, French, English and Serbian. The one subject that Lana never cared for was math. Should we say that she is more of a creative artist than a numbers nerd. Lana finished studying import/export fashion. Her ability to speak on multiple languages with expertise in fashion and import/export would serve her well throughout her modeling career.

As an 18 year old model, Lana Asanin traveled extensively throughout Europe. She worked in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and England. Lana was now supporting herself and was completely self-sufficient. 

On a modeling assignment in Asia, she traveled to the Philippines. She was soon discovered and was given recurring television network starring roles in both GMA 7 (The Captain Is My Idol, GMA Love Stories) and ABS-CBN (The Pilot, Arriba, Arriba) in the Philippines. 

She also became the co-host of the most popular variety show, “Eat Bulaga” (Surprise Eat) and host of  E! Entertainment and Wild on E!. Lana was featured as a Philippine dance host and performed the salsa, rumba, cha-cha, tango and ballroom dancing. Lana also appeared in TV commercials such as Nescafe, Shell, Sunkist Soda, LG Electronics and Laura Geller Cosmetics. She then traveled to America to further pursue a modeling and hosting career. In California, she hosted TV programs such as  Helping America, PenPal MeBellantino and Aztepaca. Lana turned into acting and landed a role in “The Mentalist” and “Entourage”. She did print work with UNIQ Magazine, Maxim, FHM, Cosmopolitan, Avon Comestics, Metro, 944 and People Magazine. 

Lana Asanin moved to New York and very soon was busy in footwear trade shows like Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, Steve MaddenEsprit, XOXO, Kensie, JC Penney and Fergie. She also did car trade shows with BMW and Audi. Lana did a starring role with an award-winning movie “NYC Rooftop Story” with awards and nominations from IndieFest Film Festival, Madrid International Film Festival, International Film Festival of New York City, Buffalo International Film Festival and New Filmmaker NYC Film Festival.


“As far as the future, I would like to see myself in a tv show. Something like ‘I Love Lucy’, which is my all-time favorite, or like ‘Friends’, ‘Sex in the City’ or ‘Seinfeld’. Or Perhaps have a talk show with topics ranging from fashion to entertainment and relationships or be the host of ‘Dancing With The Stars’…LOL!


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