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REUNION at #IFFMnyc2018

Introducing “REUNION” by RCAT Media Production

A new short film by RCAT Media Production for submission to 2018-2019 film festivals. REUNION is a film about friend and family relationships. Also featuring Lainy Gold Designs’ French Lace 2018 Fashion Collection. More information about REUNION at IMDb.

RCAT Media Production is a New York City independent media company which produces socially-relevant films.  RCAT Media Films creates the script, produces the movie, does the post production editing and promotion. The onset of the internet has transformed dramatically the traditional film distribution business. RCAT Media applies cost-effective tools of social media promotion to keep up with innovation. This calls for the creation of websites, coding, content development and online sales platform setup. 

With the HD digital camera and internet technology, RCAT Media produced the award-winning movie “NYC Rooftop Story” in 2013.  In the lead roles are Geoff Kanick as “David” and Lana Asanin as “Misha”. NYC Rooftop Story was given the following awards and nominations:

  • Award of Merit winner at the IndieFest 2013 in California, USA
  • Best Short Film winner at the Madrid International Film Festival 2014 (MIFF) in Madrid, Spain
  • Best Indie Producer and Most Popular Film winner (now a feature movie) at the International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) in New York City, NY 2014
  • Officially selected for screening at the New Filmmakers in New York City, NY 2014
  • Officially selected for screening at the Buffalo International Film Festival at Buffalo, NY 2014

Click on the image below to watch the NYC Rooftop Story Movie Trailer


RCAT Media Films believes in technical proficiency, teamwork and quality of work. The process of producing a film is complicated. RCAT Media keeps it simple and straightforward. Our main objective is to create a socially-relevant award-winning movie. 

RCAT Media Services
We are offering our services  for independent, low budget and no-frills movie, commercial video and website development. Here are some of our services:

  • Conceptual graphic design, presentation and packaging
  • Website development in WordPress and website builders
  • Movie pre-production, production (camera/cinematography) and post-production (editing)
  • Film festival submissions

We are open to discuss all possibilities of fulfilling the daunting task of creating your own movie, video and website development projects. Contact us 


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